ERTZ x Skillcollector for Bikepolo Zagreb

[This project was finished in 2018.  But it was a nice memory, so we would like to share it with you. Enjoy!]

ERTZ x Skillcollector for Bikepolo Zagreb's crowdfunding project

We play bikepolo, we belive in bikepolo. We fell in love with this sport in the very first minute, with both the technical and the human side too. It unites the cycling and creative thinking and helps to grow a good community. The Community in Zagreb is small but very close. The best indoor bikepolo tournament gets organized by them every year at the local hockey stadium.
And this year (2018) they have special news: the Hockey Hall was rebuilt. That means new environment, new floor and new walls. They had the option to buy the old walls and rebuild them at another place, which they applied for at the local city government, to make a new home for Zagreb Bikepolo.

Crowdfunding project in Zagreb

In May they started a crowfunding campaign to raise money for this project. It was successful and they were able to buy the walls. But the bigger, final goal is still not achieved: covering the court with brand new asphalt, and that is why we're trying to raise money for this part of the project.
As you might know, this Tournament was always strongly remarkable for it’s unique design; all of it was made by Matej Pasalic. Matej has his own unique style, very characteristic and unified . I was always loved his graphics, and was hoping to be able to cooperate with him.
During the crowfunding project I was small of help, but was always thinking about a bigger project. In August I dropped an e-mail to Matej about the idea of making a cooperation, using his bikepolo-drawings. Thankfully he agreed to the project, and gave me free hand during the designing process.
So here are the final products: please read the details about the bags, their design and the project. I’ve tried to make several new combinations and to use more colors than ever before.

1: NETTA and the HYENA

NETTA is the smallest, but the most popular bag: it has a compact size and some useful extras. Basically designed for your daily routine, its lightweight and waterproof. It has an easily-accessible front pocket, and a padded laptop pocket inside. With the roll-top you don’t need to think about the limits of the bag, you can easily fold it if you want.
Basically the original bag is designed as full black, to match the black cordura and tarpaulin. Now we're creating an unique combination: the softness of the babyrose color is in high contrast to the attacking Hyena, and it’s combined with deep Bordeaux. It might be our most “girly” bag in ERTZ-history, but who knows, maybe not just girls will fall in in love with this bag.

STARTING PRICE: 98 USD (75 euro)

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MAGNO was the second special project in the small bags series: I had to combine the size of NETTA and the tactical-gear-look of GRAZ in one bag, and make it still useable and good-lookin’. The result is a bag with more extra functions for daily use that might expect.
This is the first time we've added extra Fidlock closing on the top.
I chose the Death Moth design for this bag, to show how small, light and massive is this bag.

STARTING PRICE: 135 USD (120 euro)

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3: KAPI and the RAVEN

KAPI was the big brother of NETTA. Same look, same functions, but more space inside to fill it with your beloved stuff.
The Raven graphic was the main element of the look of the Tournament in 2018, so I gave the biggest surface to show these designs are fantastic, and this is especially cool. I think Matej was inspired by the 2016 Tournament, where on the last morning every player was riding around in circles like Ravens for the last few chocolate croissans at the Hockey Center ☺

STARTIG PRICE: 113 USD (100 euro)       

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4: GRAZ XL and the CERVUS

The Graz XL is an improved version of the normal GRAZ. Every time someone looked at my webshop they always had the same question: Is there a bigger one?
Well now there is! It’s deeper than the normal GRAZ, which means more litres. But it's maximized to Cabin size, so you can still take it with you on incredible journeys!
I chose Cervus for this bag, because it’s the most bikepolo-relevant bag (I designed according to the needs of an average polo-player for the whole season.) The way the insect holds the ball shows how submissive you must be when you think about this sport: you can only be successful if you pay enough attention to the play, for the players on the court, and you practice, practice, and practice. The Ball will be yours, if you earn it.

STArTING PRICE: 135 USD (120 euro)

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5: LYON and the HAND

LYON was designed with Morgan, the bikepolo legend ☺ It only has the most useful things that you might need if you are travelling with your bike around the world. Quite lightweight, strong cover while on your bike, and you can fold it after use. Simple but strong.
I chose the Hand design for this bag, because it holds your beloved bike. Don’t you want to hold it in your hand? ☺
(yes, we are badly into puns:))

STARTING PRICE: 198 USD (150 euro)

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About the bags and how they will be sold:

All of the bags are handmade by me and you’ll get one year all-around warranty with it. Later, if you have any problem (a buckle breaks after five years, or something irrevelant) just drop me an email, and I’ll repair it. Each print was made by digital print in Budapest, Hungary. It’s a very durable, UV-resistant printing technology, which is combined with our best materials. It’s not just an another layer on the top of the material, it flows and stays on the core inbetween the threads. This concluded in a very precise and pixelperfect patterns. We think that they will be your partner in crime for long-long-long time!
The five bags will be sold via online auction, through Ebay. The highest bid at the ending moment will win the bag. Each bag will have a base price, and all the bids that add to this base price will go directly to the crowfund supporting the Zagreb project. The auction starts on 2nd of December, and ends between 9 and 10th of December. Please look at each auction, when will be ended.
Each bag-owner will be notified by e-mail (or Ebay-account) so please pay attention on your registered e-mail address! We will contact you via e-mail for your shipping address. We really want to send the bags as soon as we can, so there's a chance that they might arrive before Christmas ;)

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