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195.00 EUR

The everything packer

Polo players! One bag to fit all your stuff: be it your lunch AND laptop AND tools AND library returns AND a change of clothes AND your freshly bought groceries, you’ll still find just enough space to fit in a helmet, your polo mallet, four cans of beer and a blue towel. You know, just in case.

This bag features:
-an inside large pocket of 30 x 45 x 5 cm
-a massive outside pocket with a velcro closing fold for your mallet, or whatevs
-a smaller, ziplock outside pocket for necessary valuables
-34 MOLLE slots allow you to attach anything on the bag
-a detachable helmet basket - attaches to any one of the open buckles on the bag, fitting both roadie and hockey helmets
-roomy side pockets for further mallets, beers, U-locks

Materials used:
corduroy on the outside
lightweight tarpaulin inside
waterproof ziplocks with metal sliders
super tough polyester straps
ITW side release buckles

34 L rolled up, 44 L for maximum storage
35 x 18 x 50/70 cm, rolled up/ rolled out

195 EUR

2300 g

Yes, we ship it anywhere. Just ask.

1 year all-round warranty

Handmade by skilled artisans in Budapest, Hungary

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