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230.00 EUR

MAGNO Backpack

Every available extra on our best small-sized backpack

NETTA is too simple for you? Do you like the style of GRAZ, but it’s too big?
We created a small sized-bag for you with all of “expedition” extras. Tons of waterproof zippers, fixing points with lightweight, smart design.
You can find a bigger slim pocket inside for A4 letters, and two small pockets for smaller things. The inside is covered with lightened tarpaulin. And here comes the best part: the rolltop isn’t made with Velcro: you can search for hours inside the bag without having to stick the Velcro together, because it’s closing magic: MAGNETS!
There aren’t any parts which would stick to the magnets; you can close the front with plastic, adjustable G-hook.
The slim side-pockets are 100% waterproof; do you remember the last time you got a birthday envelope from your grandma with a bar of chocolate and they all got wet in your old bag?
Well we got news for you: they will stay dry.
32 Liters aren’t enough for you? No problem, there are 30 Molle slots outside, with which you can strap in anything.
Oh and yes, it IS super light. Lighter than your grab-and-go mega-healthy breakfast: 1225 grams only.
Materials: Cordur (outside), lightened tarpaulin (inside), Velcro, waterproof zippers with metal sliders, hardened polyester straps, ITW side release buckles.
Closing with Velcro and two buckles.

Sizes: 21/32 L, 30*18*40/60 cm

Price: 230 euro

Weight: 1225 gr

1-year warranty
Handmade in Budapest

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